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Works Everywhere

The way people access your website is changing, tablets & mobile devices are now more popular than ever. Don’t fall behind, Camyno works brilliantly on every device.

Designed For You

Using Camyno doesn’t feel like any other WordPress theme, everything about it has been finely tuned to work with you and bring out your creative side.

Built By A Perfectionist

Designed with an obsessive attention to detail, Camyno is one of the most beautiful WordPress themes around with stunning design built in to every aspect.

Endless Possibilities

Camyno is limited only by your imagination.


Modern Page Builder

Loaded with useful features.

Camyno comes with it’s own custom made page builder, that was created with the user in mind. Featuring an intuitive and user friendly interface, and consisting of over 60 separate modules, the page builder is the ultimate tool for creating immersive and unique web pages.

Complete History Control

The page builder offers complete undo/redo functionality and also captures your template at every step, allowing you to jump back/forward to any state.

Full Screen Editing

Building your pages in fullscreen allows you to better focus on the task at hand, Camyno allows you to do just this by removing any distractions from your workspace.

Template Management

Camyno includes a template management system which lets you save any page as a template to be used later on, this allows for even faster website creation.

Complex Layouts Simplified

The page builder offers plenty of unique solutions for taming those complex layouts, you’ll be able to create web pages that you never thought were possible.

Drag & Drop Editing

Modules can easily be duplicated, edited, reordered, or removed altogether. Camyno utilizes full drag & drop integration to make this even easier.

Complete Creative Control

The included page builder puts you in control, it provides an intuitive interface which allows you to edit nearly every aspect of each module with an efficient workflow.

Smarter Plugin Integration

Camyno supports all of your favorite plugins

including WooCommerce, bbPress, The Events Calendar, and Gravity Forms. Although it is not likely that everyone will run all of these plugins at the same time, we have thought ahead and ensured that this increased capability has not affected performance in any way. What we ended up with is a theme that fully supports a wide range of plugins, without any additional overhead. This means that Camyno will scale to perfectly match the complexity of your WordPress install.

Fully Responsive

Make sure your website leaves an impression on every device. Built with the “mobile first” approach, Camyno will look beautiful & work great on any device. With a fluid grid as the foundation and each content module being independently responsive. You can’t go wrong.


We're Just Getting Started

Care to hear about the color scheme builder?

Color Scheme Builder

Choose from & edit 20 high quality presets.

Camyno includes an intuitive color scheme builder which allows you to fully customize your sites look and feel. Each of the 20 included high quality presets can be customized to better suit your website, or of course used exactly as is.


Instant Preview

Included is a live preview that let’s you get a feel for your color scheme before you publish it, when selecting a color the preview will change instantly.

History Control

Make a mistake while editing? Not a problem, the included color scheme builder has your back with full undo/redo functionality.

20 High Quality Presets

Each included color scheme has been carefully designed to bring out your content and compliment nearly any type of website.

Versatile Shortcodes

Everything you need to create an unparalleled website.

In addition to all of the standard shortcodes you have come to expect from a premium WordPress theme, Camyno ships with some shortcodes that you won’t find anywhere else. For example the sticky menu currently at the top of the screen, and responsive visibility that allows you to control which content is visible on which devices. Camyno also offers some fresh takes on the art of making the perfect layout, with features such as perfect vertical alignment, vertical dividers, any column layout imaginable, full screen sections, media flags, and much more. All of this comes standard with this theme, all you need to do is install it.

Camyno is loaded with cutting edge & user friendly features.

WooCommerce Integration

Compete with the best Ecommerce sites out there

Build a unique shop with all of the features your customers demand that puts all the focus on your products while encouraging your customers to continue browsing, and buying your products. Camyno not only supports all of the default WooCommerce functionality but also adds to it with custom shortcodes and increased control over your shop. Included is a powerful shortcode that let’s you show off your latest, most popular, on sale, or specific products anywhere on your site. Combine this with the page builder to make epic shop landing pages and product pages.

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