by William Shakespeare


It’s just after the 2011 Canadian federal election.  The Conservatives have won a whopping majority – even in Quebec.  With free rein to reform Canada after his own vision, all that could possibly stand in the Prime Minister’s way are a breakdown in party discipline and the press.

Enter Jisbella Lyth, the new Conservative member for Cormier-Lac-Poule.  Outspoken.  Inexperienced.  Completely lacking in political judgement…

On the other hand, maybe party discipline is overrated.  Maybe a rebellious caucus member is the perfect distraction for the media.  And maybe, just maybe, the PM can reshape Canada while turning Jisbella into a real politician.

Proud, the new hit comedy by one of Canada’s top playwrights, Michael Healey, has sent audiences across the nation into fits of laughter at Canadian politicians and politics, and it’s coming to Edmonton in the fall of 2014.

With its audacious plot, its provocative choice of protagonist – a Canadian Prime Minister whose name seems to be “Harper” – its cast of acclaimed local actors, and its talented creative team, expect this theatre no. 6 production to be among the highlights of the season.  You’ll roar as you wonder just what it is that makes youproud to be Canadian.

by William Shakespeare

APRIL 7 – 10, 2016
7:30 pm nightly
2:00 pm Saturday and Sunday

Room 2-51
Corner Stage
Fine Arts Building
University of Alberta

An uncharted island in the Mediterranean Sea.  The year is 2016.

MASTER: Jake Tkaczyk
BOATSWAIN: Sarah Culkin / Emma Houghton††
ALONSO, King of Naples: Jacob Holloway
ANTONIO, Duke of Milan: Jordan Parasynchuk
BASTIANA, Princess Royal of Naples: Emily Howard
GONZALES, Advisor to Naples: Chayla Day
FERDINAND, Prince of Naples: Marc Ludwig
ADRIA: Sarah Culkin / Emma Houghton††
MIRANDA: Emma Houghton*/Sarah Culkin**
ARIEL: Sarah Ormandy
CALIBAN: Jake Tkaczyk
TRINCULA: Alexandra Dawkins
STEPHANO: Philip Geller

Additional Characters
MARINERS: Alexandra Dawkins, Philip Geller
SHAPES: Marc Ludwig, Jake Tkaczyk
SPIRIT VOICES: Various cast members
IRIS: Alex Dawkins
CERES: Emily Howard
JUNO: Sarah Culkin / Emma Houghton††
SPIRIT DANCERS: Chayla Day, Jacob Holloway


Lighting Operator: Evelyn Rollans
Sound Operator: Kaylie Rennenbohm
Sound: Tiffany Martineau
Lighting and Technical Director: Don MacKenzie
Wardobe: Karen Kucher
Props Mistress: Jane Kline

Vocal Coach: Sherry Smith
Movement Coach & Choreography: Marie Nychka
Singing Coaches to Ms. Ormandy: Larry Benson, Kim Mattice Wanat

Thanks to:
Jon Price
John Raymond
Matthew Skopyk


*Friday, April 8 / Saturday, April 9 (matinée) / Sunday, April 10 (evening)
** Thursday, April 7 / Saturday, April 9 (evening) / Sunday, April 10 (matinée)

† Thursday, April 7 / Saturday, April 9 (evening) / Sunday, April 10 (matinée)
†† Friday, April 8 / Saturday, April 9 (matinée) / Sunday, April 10 (evening)

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