Class 29
Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Class Summary

  • How is everyone doing?

Google Meet Orientation

  • Survey:
    • put up your hand if you have used Google Meet up before
    • phone versus desktop/laptop/tablet and differences
  • You can get controls if you download google meet and hangouts on your phone.  I don’t know if you can have the controls if you’re
  • Message (top right)
  • Captions (not 100% accurate, don’t work with background noise, and sometime hilarious)
  • Putting a pin in someone to see only them
  • Bottom right controls (stack of three dots)
    • change view
    • full screen
    • use a phone for audio
    • settings for audio
  • Other options
    • Skype, etc.

Classes from here on in

  • On line
  • Moderators
  • We have one more week than I thought we had so we can look and extending some of the assignment deadlines
  • Anyone have trouble sending in a performance of their speech.  We can start with that next week.
  • You can do this any way you want
  • I may send out some videos for you to watch, either on You Tube or of me
  • I will send out eClass announcements.



  • Analyze a famous scene from a movie we all know well
  • Given circumstances: Obi Wan Kenobi is off trying to shut down the
    • What does Luke need Han (and the others) to do?
    • What does Han need Luke to do
  • Phrasing is important
    • I need X to Y so I can Z
    • need vs. want
    • Always include the other person so that we’re interacting
    • Always phrase it as an effect. something the other person will do, because this ensures tenacious action rather than casual action, action like you care, rather than action that lets you off the hook
  • In class work time (notes to R&J)


Verb and Driving Assignment

Part C: just the beats specified

Part D: the whole scene

  • I blank you
  • Don’t use verbs that don’t actually impact on the other person
  • Don’t use verbs that describe what you’re doing independent of the other person (do they need to be there for you to do it?)
  • Don’t use emotional verbs
    • Paint by numbers vs. Painting in the moment
    • High School vs. advanced action
    • emotions that are planned and ersatz vs, emotions that are spontaneous, uncontrolled, come out of action and therefore vibrate with humanity and are so much more interesting to watch (but remember, that’s not primarily what we’re watching for: it’s not interesting to watch someone feel – it’s interesting to watch something happen).


R & J


Attendance and Announcements
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA


1:00 pm
1:05 pm
5 minutes
105 minutes remaining

Focus on Breath
  • This standing warm-up will continue to focus on breath
  • It will further focus attention on the ribs and allowing them to expand


1:05 pm
1:20 pm
15 minutes
90 minutes remaining

Grounding Exercise
  • The tip-toe diver grounding exercise
  • Other exercises if time permits


1:20 pm
1:25 pm
5 minutes
85 minutes remaining

  • The tip-toe diver grounding exercise
  • Other exercises if time permits


1:25 pm
1:30 pm
5 minutes
80 minutes remaining

Entrance and Exit
  • The entrance and exit exercise
  • 5 minutes to explain
  • 15 minutes to work on it


1:30 pm
1:50 pm
20 minutes
60 minutes remaining

Speech Work
  • We get to know our speeches the Cicely Berry way


1:50 pm
2:35 pm
45 minutes
15 minutes remaining

Speech Written Assignment
  • Hand out and review the speech assignment


2:35 pm
2:50 pm
15 minutes
0 minutes remaining

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