Class 12
Friday, January 29

Learning Objectives


Warm-Up (15) by Josh Meredith

Character Effort Workout – A thing to do (10 min)


Apologies for the wait.

Don’t just do the notes I give you – if you get a metaphor or imagery note – there is other imagery in your text; if you get a note about sound – look for it elsewhere in your speech.

Notes from


Presentations: 5 or 6 (50-60 minutes)

  • Miranda T. (Juliet – Shall I speak ill…)
  • Focus
    • Metre: Nervous, Regularish, breaking down, repeat…
    • Thought patterns: many short, many medium, one long
    • Thought patterns: aligned, then break down
    • Personification of “woe” and of “joy”
    • Vs. Romeo
    • Discoveries:
    • What is the human behavior?
    • Stressed Words: hours, Back, back all, worser, Tybalt, word, ten, Or, Romeo, Romeo
    • SOUNDS: Ohs and woes and mmmmms
  • Amy (Viola – I left no ring…)
  • Soliloquy
    • Discoveries!!
    • Decision!!!!!
    • Metre: fairly regular
    • Thoughts: even mix of short and medium
    • Thoughts: aligned – unaligned repeated.
    • Middle section: what doing? Has done something wrong…
    • Women’s waxen hearts… WOW
  • Caroline (Antipholus of S. – Sweet Mistress)
  • Speech to Luciana
    • imagery
    • This, that, and another (our lands and our lives and all; monarchize, be feared, and kill with looks;)
    • LISTS: Four or more! Stress from within
    • Sounds to link: Bolingbroke to bones, Ing, C/K from comfort to can/king, from crown to castle/king
    • RHYME:
      • Lots of monosyllabic words in the latter part of the the long thought 8, slow down, might help with discoveries (loose term)
    • Colons and semi-colons: I could stop now, but I have more to say (thought 8)
  • Zoë (Helena – Lo she is one)
  • Speech to Helen (with Demetrius and Lysander present)
    • Discovery
    • Imagery
    • Repetition of ONE
    • List
    • One vs two
    • Ask as if you want an answer
    • Lists
  • Kaylee (Julia – O hateful hands)
    • Sounds: hateful hands
    • Discoveries
    • Pauses
    • Props


Remove adjectives and adverbs and then put them in again.

Remove similes then put them back in again

Remove metaphors and replace them with the objects and then build them back in again




Thought counts

Thought alignment


Attendance and Announcements
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA


1:00 pm
1:05 pm
5 minutes
105 minutes remaining

Focus on Breath
  • This standing warm-up will continue to focus on breath
  • It will further focus attention on the ribs and allowing them to expand


1:05 pm
1:20 pm
15 minutes
90 minutes remaining

Grounding Exercise
  • The tip-toe diver grounding exercise
  • Other exercises if time permits


1:20 pm
1:25 pm
5 minutes
85 minutes remaining

  • The tip-toe diver grounding exercise
  • Other exercises if time permits


1:25 pm
1:30 pm
5 minutes
80 minutes remaining

Entrance and Exit
  • The entrance and exit exercise
  • 5 minutes to explain
  • 15 minutes to work on it


1:30 pm
1:50 pm
20 minutes
60 minutes remaining

Speech Work
  • We get to know our speeches the Cicely Berry way


1:50 pm
2:35 pm
45 minutes
15 minutes remaining

Speech Written Assignment
  • Hand out and review the speech assignment


2:35 pm
2:50 pm
15 minutes
0 minutes remaining

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