Class 2
Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Learning Objectives

  • Review Participation Rubric (15 min)
    • Who taught DRA 257
  • Breath (15 min)
    • Effortless rest position
    • Find breath
  • Circle Activity (15 min)
    • I know that like me you?
    • How many A’s in A?
    • Go
    • Seven up
    • King Crab
  • Exercise
    • Mirror
    • Statues
    • Locations*
    • Space substance walk
  • Rehearse and present Macbeth Scenes (50)
    • Question: you know what you’re saying; where are you and when?
    • Question: you know what you’re saying and where you are: what are you doing?  What have you just done?
    • Be off book on Friday

Quote of the Day

  • Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. (Thomas Edison)
Attendance & Announcements
  • Take attendance
  • Office location unless I move
  • Contact consent check-in
  • Shakespeare: PR 2827 – PR 2839


1:00 pm
1:05 pm
5 minutes
105 minutes remaining

Warm Up
Focus on Breath

The idea here is for the students to find their breath

  • Have the students lie down on the floor in the effortless rest position
    • Keep eyes open
    • Find something on the ceiling to focus on
    • Book underneath might be helpful
  • Have them locate their impulse to breath
    • Put a hand on it
  • Have them bring the impulse further down
    • imagery
    • physical cue
    • thinking the breath down
  • Give your attention to how your torso is moving
    • Don’t force anything, just observe
  • Come to you side, to leaf, to child’s pose, to squat, to hanging down, roll up


  • How do you feel now versus how you did before?
  • We do this a lot; what’s the point?
  • Breath is good for:
    • Being able to do big material
    • Breath is life
    • Breath is the moment
    • Breath is linked to how you feel
  • Why is alignment important?
    • alignment is neutral
    • it resets our ability to move just a bit or to the extreme


1:05 pm
1:25 pm
20 minutes
85 minutes remaining

  • A group/team building exercise.

Elastic Circle

  • Join hands to form a ring
    • move apart until only fingers are touching while bodies continue to move as far away as possible
    • after a time, do the opposite and gather together in the middle, trying to occupy as little space as possible
    • this can be combined with a voice exercise
      • when moving apart, vocalize sounds that express desire to touch one another
      • when touching, make sounds expressing a desire to be apart


  • Join hands to form a ring again
  • rules:
    • you must not change or loosen grip
    • you must always move slowly, without violence, with a lightness of touch, and in silence
  • one person starts to move forward, pulling their neighbours after them, and travels under the hands of the people opposite, as if tying a knot
  • then another person does the same
  • then another
  • then two or three at the same time, over or under
  • Once everyone has made all the knots possible and no one can move any more:
    • Everyone must try to get back to their original position
  • Variation: everyone must keep their eyes closed
  • Variation: talking is allowed
  • Variation: each person takes the hand of two different people across from them in order to form the knot

Boal, Augusto. Games for Actors and Non-Actors, New York: Routledge, 1992.  (pp. 67-68)


1:25 pm
1:40 pm
15 minutes
70 minutes remaining

  • A group focus and concentration game.
  • Explain that you want people to play games of some sort at the top of class


  • The group forms a circle, facing inward
  • One person stands in the middle with a ball
  • The person in the middle tosses the ball to someone in the circle
  • The person in the circle catches the ball and tosses it back to the person in the middle
  • This is repeated, with the person in the middle tossing the ball to someone else in the circle.
  • Once everyone is comfortable with this action:
    • anyone in the circle may replace the person in the centre by calling “Go.”
    • when “Go.” is called, the person in the centre must immediately switch places with the person who called it
    • whoever in the circle has the ball must still toss it back to the centre of the circle
    • the person who called go must get to the centre and catch the ball before it touches the ground
  • work together as a group to establish a rhythm and keep it going
  • be alert and ready


1:40 pm
1:50 pm
10 minutes
60 minutes remaining

Acting Exercise
The Witches: Act 1, Scene 1 from Macbeth
Sections A & B
  • Give 5 more minutes to prepare work from yesterday
  • 10 minutes to present
  • 10 minutes to discuss
  • 15 minutes to prepare again
  • 10 minutes to present second time
  • 5 minutes to discuss


1:50 pm
2:45 pm
55 minutes
5 minutes remaining

Assignment Handout
Notebook Guidelines
  • Hand out Guidelines for Journalling
  • Review the content to make sure the students understand
  • Leave time for questions


3:45 pm
3:50 pm
5 minutes
0 minutes remaining

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