Class 4
Wednesday, September 11, 2019

We continue to explore breath.

We create mini-scenes with a clear before and after.

We start in on our speeches, gently, or on a speech we can all work on together, like Henry V, Act 4, Prologue

The goal is to remind students of the importance of preparations, of before and after, and to give them some acting practice, and to begin to get them comfortable with the way Shakespeare’s verse works.

Learning Objectives

  • Getting used to speaking in iambic pentameter
  • Introducing the line
  • Introducing the thought
    • thought length
    • where thoughts end
    • Introducing caesura
  • Learning about punctuation
    • periods
    • exclamation point
    • question mark
    • dash
    • colons
    • semi colons

    By the end of the class, the students should be able to complete section C1 and C5 of the written assignment.

  • Take attendance.
  • Jordan e-mailed and will be absent (unwell)


1:00 pm
1:05 pm
5 minutes
105 minutes remaining

Assignment Review
  • Finish review of Research Project


1:05 pm
1:10 pm
5 minutes
100 minutes remaining

  • Zip Zap Zop
  • Clap game
    • Like ZZZ but no vocal cues
  • Walking across game
  • Impulse exercise
  • Something to get their breath going….
  • Cat and Mouse?
  • Space Walk?


1:10 pm
1:25 pm
15 minutes
85 minutes remaining

Speech Work
  • Walking around muttering the speech to yourself (Berry)
  • Walking the sentences (thoughts) (Houseman)
    • As with purpose
    • Is anyone stopping more? Less?
    • What could that mean?
    • What does that look like?
    • Feel like?
  • Walking and sitting down or changing position
    • chairs will help with this
  • Punctuation
    • Full Stops: . ! ? and sometimes —
    • Redirection or Specification: ; : (I could stop, but…)
    • Commas
  • Walking the line
    • Kick a chair
    • Snap your fingers


1:25 pm
2:10 pm
45 minutes
35 minutes remaining

Speech Written Assignment
  • Hand out and review the speech assignment
  • Give the students time to complete Section C1 and start in on Section B.


2:30 pm
2:50 pm
20 minutes
0 minutes remaining

In Class Work
Definitions and Translations
  • Difference between A & B: every word.
    • This is to make it fair (NB: I will take into account very long speeches)
    • To give you a feel for layers of meaning
    • To understand your character’s word choice


1:25 pm
1:30 pm
5 minutes
80 minutes remaining

Practice - Time Permitting
Entrance and Exit
  • The entrance and exit exercise
  • 5 minutes to explain
  • 15 minutes to work on it


0:00 pm
0:00 pm
20 minutes
n/a minutes remaining

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