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Welcome to the web-companion to U: The Comedy of Global Warming.

Whether or not you saw the play, New Albertaville is one of many places on the internet where you can find out about climate change and what can be done to help slow it down.  New Albertaville doesn’t pretend to be an exhaustive source of information or the final word on the issue, but it does have a few things to say and can definitely point you to other information sources as well.

To learn more about climate change click on Resources; to find out things you can do about it, click on Take Action.

New Albertaville is also where you can discover more about U and its participants by clicking on U, Team, or by visiting the Blog (the blog opens in a new browser window).  Click on Interviews and you’ll be able to view extended versions of the interviews with scientists, politicians, and activists that made up part of the show.

New Albertaville takes its name from U‘s original web-companion, Albertaville, which has its own, soon-to-be retired address on the internet at albertaville.ca.  Built and designed in 2009 by Edmonton-based web-developer Daelan Wood, that site is gradually being updated, redesigned and relocated here.

While the migration is under way, some items on the New Albertaville menu may open to a page at the original site.  To return, just click on Take me back to New Albertaville, which you’ll find to your upper right on any page.

So have a look around – and enjoy!

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