Lighting Co-Design for Proud | Set & Lighting Co-Design for U: The Comedy of Global Warming

PHOTO TondinoGuido


GWFG “Gotta telephone call from Istanbul,” so it began. Currently employed three dimensionally. Seeking a fourth dimension at tranquility base, can’t stand noise; has worked with outstanding characters all over NA and EU on geo problems in space. Likes trains especially and understands that extreme cold makes soup taste better. After 40 years in the biz is still looking forward and up. Also likes Kindle, dogs and can’t stand cheap. Is ok with inexpensive. Agrees with the philosopher “an honest man is always a child…” Wonders how the min of e and ae can sleep at night. Can’t get enough of that sugar crisp!

(bio for Proud: October 2014)

for theatre no. 6

Proud (2014)

  • Lighting Design

The Fever (2014)

  • Kind advice on lighting and set design

U: The Comedy of Global Warming (2009)

  • Set Design
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