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Promo Photos (flag) by Aaron Pedersen | pedersen

Production Photos by Dave DeGagné | dbphotographics

Promo Graphics by Perpetual Notion Design

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Promo Videos

During the lead up to the October 2014 performance run of Proud, we got some friends together to help us put together a couple of promotional videos….

Promo Video 1: Excited About Proud

In this first promo spot, our friends share what excited them about our upcoming production of Michael Healey’s hit political satire.  (Our sincere apology to Elizabeth Hobbs for misspelling her name in this video.)

Promo Video 2: What Makes You Proud to be Canadian?

In which our friends take no end of pride in being Canadians.

Proud on What It Is

Check out our pre-production chat with Taylor Chadwick on his awesome Edmonton theatre podcast What It Is. We shared the show with Edmonton Actors Theatre Artistic Director David Horak (also a cast member of Proud) who was opening Edmonton’s 2014-2015 season with Fatboy (which included Ian and Melissa in its cast).

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