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On this page you’ll find a list of opportunities for contributing financial resources, goods and services, or simply your own time and talents, all in the cause of building community and culture through art.  Click on any way of becoming involved that interests you.

Why support an independent theatre production by theatre no. 6?  For a start, check the Frequently Asked Questions section on this page, where you’ll find a few reasons why we think joining the team on one of our projects could be a worthwhile thing to do.

how can I help make a show happen?

frequently asked questions

Why support independent theatre in Edmonton?

A strong independent theatre community is vital to the health of the greater theatre community.  Here are a few reasons why:

Are sponsorship levels and benefits negotiable?

Of course. Tell us how you’d like to support us, and together we’ll figure out a win-win situation that works both ways.

Are my donations to theatre no. 6 tax-deductible?

theatre no. 6 isn’t yet a registered charity so we’re unable to give out tax-deductible receipts to individual or corporate donors. But you can take satisfaction knowing that you’re money has gone to support art, artists, and skilled technicians in our community.

If a tax-deductible receipt is important to you, we recommend you look up some of our friends, like Theatre YesTheatre of the New Heart, or Punctuate! Theatre.

How much does an independent theatre production usually cost?

The cost of an independent theatre production varies from project to project.  A show with a cast of four performers generally costs on average in the neighbourhood of $75,000.   That amount of cash can usually guarantee everyone involved a minimum professional salary.  It will also make a modest campaign to promote the show an affordable expense.

However, most independent projects are usually accomplished on a much, much smaller cash budget.  They do so by calling on favours, relying on the good will of friends and volunteers, buying second hand, and securing as many goods and services as possible by exchange in-kind.  Often the artists also subsidize the production by working for wages well below standard professional minimums.

Don’t grants pay for art?

They pay for part of a theatre project.  However, granting agencies expect artists to demonstrate that their funding is coming from a wide range of sources, including box office returns and private donations.  So by supporting an independent theatre project with a cash donation or with goods or services in-kind, you’re often helping to increase the chances a project will receive a grant.

Can I dictate how my money is spent?

Within reason we will do everything we can to accommodate special requests of this nature.  However, there are certain basic expenses that always need to be paid for with cash at the outset of a production in order for the project to move forward effectively.  These costs include but are not limited to venue rentals and related fees, technician fees, equipment rentals, set and costume purchases, and advertising costs.

I still have questions!

Please contact us! We’ll be happy to answer them for you!

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