If you’re a corporation or you operate a business and are looking for an new way to promote your product or service, or if you make a point of getting behind artistic projects in the local community because that’s just what you do, consider sponsoring a theatre no. 6 show.

The exposure we can offer via our audiences is generally small to modest (200 – 2,000).  The exposure we can offer you via our advertising campaign will be as wide as our promotional budget allows.  If getting your brand out there is the top priority for you, you may wish to consider becoming an Advertising Sponsor.


Our sponsorship levels and benefits are listed below.

Everything is negotiable.  Do we expect businesses to sponsor us at the higher levels we outline?  We hope you’re not too surprised to hear that we have received a donation at the $10K level before.  But when a sponsor contributes at that level, our gratitude is exceeded only by our own shock and (extremely pleasant) surprise at the event.

One reason we created a table with such a far-reaching range of sponsorship levels is to demystify the cost of an independent theatre production.  Each level is named to give you an idea of what that amount of money makes possible (e.g. Venue Sponsor, Performing Artist Sponsor).  A brief outline further expands on that expense.

Your funds are always used exclusively to support the show.  While their use is assigned at the discretion of theatre no. 6 (a Designing Artist sponsorship contribution will actually go to one of the production’s designers only in the case that all other key costs are already covered, for example), we can sometimes make exceptions, particularly in the case of an Advertising Sponsor.


The benefits to sponsors at these three additional levels also work as perks for donors.

As with the other sponsorships listed on this page, benefits are always negotiable.

For donors, perks can be adjusted depending on the project.  If there’s an active crowdfunding campaign in support of a project, we’ll include a link to it below the chart so you can consider the perks specific to it.

  • no crowdfunding campaign is currently active
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