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Want to know more about climate change science, politics and policy? This page lists and points the way to books, articles, reports, videos and websites on those topics and more.   Some of them were research sources for U: The Comedy of Global Warming, but there’s much more out there than we were able to take in and we do our best to include as much of that information as we can as well.

If it’s material that was read or watched as research for U: The Comedy of Global Warming, it’ll be marked with a “(U:)“.

Key to Link Abbreviations:

CPL: Calgary Public Library
EPL: Edmonton Public Library
FMPL: Fort McMurray Public Library
LPL: Lethbridge Public Library
RDPL: Red Deer Public Library


Looking for the lowdown on the abc’s of climate change? The science, the facts, or the general picture? Whether you prefer to read it, watch it or get it off the internet, you might consider starting with some of the sources listed below.


What do governments need to do to keep climate change to a manageable level? Much has been written on the subject and you can find stuff in print and websites galore that will tell you all about that. It’s important to know because in order to address climate change governments – and not just individuals – must take action.


It seems like almost every week now that another new book on the petroleum industry turns up in the bookstores. There’s no shortage of reading or viewing material on the web or on video either. Below you’ll find a starting list.

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